Let’s start with some real talk: 2018 was tough, y’all.  During the last few months I was wearing myself thin – trying to finish up my schoolwork for my degree, feeling the weight of my sister’s absence around our birthdays and the holidays, and struggling with some changes to my vision.  Around mid-November, I knew I was going to be dragging myself across the finish line into 2019

So here we are, 2019! While I’m not completely free from the entanglements of last year, I did check off #73 from my Bucket List, providing me two things I desperately needed last year: more time and opened doors.   While thinking about what I ultimately wanted out of 2019, I kept being pulled in the same direction.  One going towards a word that wasn’t only motivational, but that also holds me accountable and proactive in my approach to the year.

Ever since my sister passed away, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been looking for a sign. Something to indicate that even though she isn’t with us anymore, things will be okay. Other friends and family had been posting their own stories about signs they had been receiving. And although I have been receiving plenty of reminders of Beth every day, I was still feeling lost. Until last weekend when a double dose of Gertie gave me the signs I was looking for.

In mid-April when I decided to go all in and officially start this blog, I was really excited. I was getting ready to leave for a short trip to Walt Disney World for Dapper Day and was going to make a post detailing my character-inspired outfit.  I’d started drafting another about some of the basics of myopic macular degeneration, taking a look at Doctor Who in the MCU, and joined a few blogger-centric Facebook groups for encouragement and to ask questions.

On May 3rd, everything came to a halt. Not just my work on the blog. But my entire world.

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