Time to talk more Disney+!  After sharing my post detailing the Disney+ Accessibility Features, a lot of the discussion I saw on my social media feeds was about audio descriptions.  Unsurprisingly, the two questions I saw the most frequently were: “What is an audio description?” and “Is there a list of the Disney+ titles with audio description that will be available?”  Luckily, I have answers to both!

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Today I’ve got some news that hits the ultimate trifecta of my interests: Disney, Entertainment, and Accessibility!  In advance of their launch on November 12,  Disney has been…

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You know how every now and then you have experiences that leave you energized and motivated for days after?  When tasks you used to dread now seem excited and manageable because you have a clearer picture of how they can help you rather than drain you?  If you haven’t had this feeling in awhile, or know you’re in need of a boost, you need FLOCK Presents on your radar.  And lucky for you, I have a way to get you there as a discounted cost!